"We Bring The Computer Store To You!"

Our service is convenient!  Our door-to-door service comes directly to your home or small business quickly. This saves you time because in many cases your computer system(s) may be serviced the same day we arrive. We never charge for deliveries or pick-ups. Our hourly rates are competitive with any other company in the area, but convenience is invaluable.


We guarantee satisfaction with our service!  To maintain the highest quality of service, we have warranties on everything. If our service doesn’t meet with your expectations we will quickly return to make it right.


We guarantee that if we damage it we’ll fix it!  We are fully insured and bonded for your complete protection against unexpected damage to any computer system(s) under our care.


Our guarantees are why we have steady clients!  Since 1993, AT-HOME Computer Services is known all over the valley for its courtesy, honesty and professionalism.


Could our many clients be wrong?  We tailor our service to meet your needs and expectations. We provide service on a monthly basis through our Retainer Plan; this is a must for customers that can’t afford to be on a waiting list. We also provide emergency services when the need arises. That’s why we have grown.


Contact us today for more information!  Call us at 540-425-4142 or fill out our contact form and get more detailed questions answered. We can also consult you on all your computer needs.